Kamakura Guided Tour


You can see  attractive and popular sites in Kamakura on the ‘Popular Sites’ Page and also can check the various Tour Courses and the guide fee.  If you are interested in taking one of the Tour Courses, please fill in the application form (click on Contact).  In addition, if you prefer to customize your own Kamakura tour, please let me know.  I would be happy to tailor a tour according to your wishes.  Also, please feel free to discuss your travel plans with me at any time via e-mail(click on Contact).  I can help arrange your Kamakura tour so that it fits into your schedule and interest.  The tours usually begin at Kamakura or Kita-Kamakura station where I will be waiting for your arrival. Weather forecast for Kamakura is shown here.   We appreciate it if you review our tour in Kamakura using ‘Review for Kamakura tour’ which you can find at a side bar and a vertical bar under the main Kamakura bar.