Shibuya is located in central Tokyo on the Yamanote Line between Harajuku and Ebisu in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo. Shibuya is one of Tokyo’s most lively and colorful areas, packed with all kinds of shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Because it is particularly popular among younger people it is sometimes referred to as ‘Teenager Town’. Indeed, Shibuya is the center of new fashion and culture for the younger generation. The most famous street is Center Gai, birthplace of many new Japanese fashion trends. The street is lined with various shops, clothing boutiques, karaoke establishments, and other businesses. From Center Gai you can walk up to Spain Slope which is a narrow, 50-meter long pedestrian street. In addition to the dozens of smaller stores in Shibuya, there are many large department stores. The most frequented are Seibu, Tokyu, Parco, Marui and Tokyu Hikarie. All said, you can enjoy any kind of shopping you desire in Shibuya.



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