About Us

Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  All of us are qualified, officially certified licensed guides by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).  As your personal guide, you will find us to be friendly, enthusiastic, and full of hospitality.  We promise you a wonderful, unique experience that hopefully you will consider to be a highlight of your trip to Japan. One of us will be assigned by a leader to guide you.

Noriko Nakayama

Hello! My name is Noriko Nakayama. Please call me Noriko. I have been living in Tokyo for more than 50 years. I also lived in Baltimore, Maryland for two years.
As your professional guide, I sincerely look forward to helping you enjoy your stay in Tokyo.

Mariko Takehana

Hello! My name is Mariko Takehana. I am National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter English.

My home town is Nagano, famous for Ski resort and snow monkey for foreigners. I left my home town when I started to study in Tokyo, and after that I lived in Germany, UK and France about 15 years to work and study, now I live in Tokyo. Living in Europe provide me a lot of new experiences including learning about differences in culture, religion of the people in a same work place.

Before I started a professional guide, I worked in IT industries and the finance. In 2022, I was qualified a forest therapy assister in Okutama region, Tokyo and do the forest therapy guide there, too.

I look forward to meeting you here in Japan and enjoy your new experience!


Jiro Takahashi

Hi! Welcome to Tokyo! My name is Jiro Takahashi. Please call me “Jiro” for short. Since graduating from university here in Japan, I have lived in London and New York, as well as Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka. My career in the finance and IT industries (about 35 years) afforded me multiple opportunities to make many friends from around the world and understand various cultures much better. It was from these experiences that, once I retired, I decided to become a licensed English guide in Japan. My goal is to create a cross cultural bridge between Japan and other countries. In addition to being an English tour guide for overseas visitors, I am also a guide at the Edo-Tokyo Museum. I look forward to taking you on a journey of historical and modern Tokyo.