Yoshika Kumagai

熊谷さん 28-5-4❀My name is Yoshika Kumagai. I am a national certified English guide. My vision is that I always look forward, move forward, create and look for something valuable for me in my life. My aim as a guide is that I would like my guests to enjoy and spend happy time.

I was an English teacher for 26 years in junior and high schools in Tokyo, after I graduated from the university, majoring in English literature. Moreover, with much interest in Japanese history, I studied and took the degree of MA on Japanese history. I like Japanese history, especially things in “Nara” and “Heian eras”.(7th century to 12 century)

Now, I have been trying and pursuing in my life, as a guide, making use of my two interests, English and history. Every week I do guiding lots of foreign tourists, for instance, at Tsukiji fish market, Sumo morning practice places and others.

I am so happy to help someone have nice stay in Japan.




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