Hase Area

flag Kotokuin Temple(the Great Image of Buddha)

The Temple is located in the southwestern part of Kamakura City. From Kamakura station you take a tram car (called Enoden) to Hase station. The ride is approximately ten minutes(190Yen). From Hase station you walk another ten minutes. The Great Image of Buddha is located in Koutokuin Temple. It is the second largest bronze statue in Japan. The statue, with its noble and elegant face, was built in the mid-13th century and is the symbol of Kamakura. The Image used to be housed in a huge wooden building but the building was destroyed by a storm in the mid-14th century.



Admission :200Yen

Open :8:00am to 4:30pm


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flag Hase Temple


The Temple is only a five minute walk from Koutokuin Temple. The Hase Kanon (Bodhisattva) is enshrined here and is famous for its eleven heads, each representing a characteristic of the God. The garden is pleasant to stroll in and consists of ponds, rocks, and a small waterfall. In autumn, colorful leaves make the garden picturesque and in spring many kinds of flowers are in full bloom. From the observation platform you can see the coast and Kamakura City. There is also a cave with a Hindu goddess, which the Japanese call Benzaiten, carved in it. Many other gods who are children of Benzaiten are carved in the rock walls. Walking around the dark cave is a small adventure.

Admission :400Yen

Open :8:00am to 5:30pm


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flag Yuigahama Beach

YuigahamaYuigahama Beach is located south of Kamakura city ,about 20 minutes from Kamakura station on foot. It is one of the most popular and busiest beaches in the Metropolitan area. You can visit here even after  Hase temple.  The scenary from the beach is perfect. If it is very fine and dry, you may be able to see Mt.Fuji.

Admission :0 Yen


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