Oshi – Former Togawa Family House

FUJI-Mt.oshito v-1  2015.7“Oshi” took care of Fuji-ko adherents when they made worship-ascent to Mt. Fuji by providing them with lodging and food. They usually worked to spread Fujisan worship and engaged in giving prayer or invocation to them. The main house of the former Togawa family built in 1768 is regarded as the oldest surviving “Oshi” lodging house and is open to the public. It tells us the story about the “Oshi” and their role in the worship of Fujisan.


Opening Hours: 9:30am-5:00pm(Last admission at 4:30 pm)

Closed on Tuesday (Except Holiday), The next day of Holiday, End of the year to New Year holidays

Fee: Adult: 100yen (at Group rates: 80yen), Elementary, Junior High, and High school student: 50yen(at Group rates:40 yen)







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