Dankazura Avenue

Dankazaura is a pedestrian path in the center of Wakamiya Oji Street. Dankazura path was built about 800 years ago by the first Shogun whose name was Minamoto Yoritomo. The Shogun Yoritomo was very pleased to hear his wife got pregnant and prayed the baby be a boy. As part of his prayers to the god of Hachiman Shrine, he constructed this special path or approach way to the Shrine. Dankazaura path starts at the second Torii gate, a few minutes walk from Kamakura station, and stretches 500 meters. The path is lined with hundreds of cherry trees, azalea and dwarf azalea. The path gets narrower as you get closer to the Shrine. The idea was to give any enemy attacking the Shogunate the illusion that the path is even longer than it really is.



spring to autum








from the end of March to early in April







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