Toshogu Shrine(World Heritage)

Toshogu Gate v-2 29-6-20The huge mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the first shogun of Edo period. The beauty of the landscape, composed of richly decorated structures with colorful and intricate carvings, is overwhelming. The construction of the shrine, using the best artists and   artisans of the day from all over the country, was completed in 1636. A high level of authenticity has been maintained well through periodic restoration works following the original plans and techniques. Renovation on the Yomeimon-gate, started in June 2013, was completed in March 2017. A remarkable feature of the Toshogu-shrine is its numerous carvings (more than 5000 pieces), including animals, plants, fish, birds, flowers, vegetables, people and so on. The Toshogu-shrine embodies prayers for nature and eternal peace!

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