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          Thank-you note    Hakone, Nikko, Tokyo and Kamakura Tours   October 2013

Dear Shun san, Nanako san, Emiko san, and Noriko san,
Andrew and I have wanted to visit Japan for years.  Just after we married, we had planned a trip, which had to be canceled. A move to Illinois, a mortgage, and two children later we saw an opportunity due to my husband’s conference.  Andrew and I will forever treasure the memories we made while visiting your amazing country: learning of the history, visiting the breathtaking Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines, partaking of the delicious cuisine – and of meeting the vibrant, fascinating people who call Japan home.  We are so grateful for your time in researching the sites and guiding us around Japan. You were all wonderful tour guides!  Nanako san, Emiko san, Noriko san, and Shun san – you have impressed upon us the dignity and grace of your homeland. We are thankful to have experienced the richness of your history and culture through your words and in your footsteps.

With sincere gratitude,
Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita,
Andrew and Jessica Mertz,   Illinois,USA

Zipper v3 2014 aug 17

Japanese Five Yen Coin

Our trip to Japan was so wondrous that we were inspired to share our experience with our daughter’s teachers and classmates.  The presentations were 3 hours long, included 350+ photos, refreshments, and the presentation of a souvenir – a five yen coin made into a zipper-pull.  I shared with the children the meaning of the five yen coin as “good encounter.” The children were thrilled and almost all of the children went immediately to attach them to the zipper on their backpack!  I reminded them that every school day when they touch the coin zipper-pull they should remember to bring their part of the good-encounter by having a good attitude, being helpful and prepared to work hard.



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