SEVEN-HOUR Course 5 (Kawagoe city)

This Kawagoe Course actually takes 8 hours including round trip.The guide fee will be 10% higher than that of the other 7 hour courses. 

The 1st Site

Kitain Temple

Originally built in the 9th century, the temple is the symbol of Kawagoe.

The 2nd Site

Toshogu Shrine

It is a tiny but attractive shrine dedicated to the 1st Shogun of the Edo era.


Tea taste soba noodle and grilled eel are popular

The 3rd Site

Toki-no-kane(Bell Tower)

Kawagoe’s picturesque signature bld. It still chimes 4 times a day.

 The 4th Site


A charming lane with old-time candy shops and children’s candy shops

 The 5th Site

 Fireproof Warehouses

A well-preserved collection of century-old warehouses

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