Lake Sai Bat Cave (Natural Monument)

FUJI-Mt.bat cave v-1 2015.7It was opened to the public in April 1998 and has lava stalactites and a ropy-lava bed. The cave has branch caves and the total is 350 meters long, which is the largest scale among lava caves at the foot of Mt. Fuji. Inside the cave, you can see stalactites and ropy-lava rocks, which were formed when Mt. Fuji erupted and the lava was exposed to air, then got solid emitting gases. As it is not cool in summer compared with other caves nearby and is warm in winter, many bats lived in the past for their hibernation. However, land developments and random trespassing brought the bats to the brink of extinction. Now the cave is managed and the preservation area has been placed in the back, so the number of the bat is increasing little by little every year.


Opening Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Closing Days: 12/1 thorough 3/19 : The cave is closed to preserve the bats.

Fee: High school students and over: 300 yen / Middle and elementary school students: 150 yen





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