Black egg at Owakudani Valley in Hakone



A legend says that eating one black egg there makes you live 7 years longer than expected!



Everybody loves to eat the boiled eggs there. Once 5 eggs, but now 4 eggs in a bag cost you 500 Yen, due to the recent price rise in egg?

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Mt.Fuji and Hakone
















A view of Mt. Fuji with Lake Ashi in the middle of Feb. In winter we might be able to appreciate Mt. Fiji more clearly than in other seasons.

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Cherry Blossoms & a big pond in Hachimangu shrine

A big pond at Hachimangu shrine is surrounded by cherry trees in full bloom from the end of March to early April.


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Tiny and cute flowers at the Lake Chuzenji Lakeside in Nikko in June


Japanese Primrose, “Kurinsoh” in Japanese, at the Lake Chuzenji lakeside, Senjyugahama beach



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Irises at Tamozawa Imperial Villa in Nikko

Irises, “Nasu-Hiogi Ayame” in Japanese, in the garden of Tamozawa Imperial Villa, which are in danger of going to extinct.


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Nikko five storied pagoda & torii stone gate

Torii Gate and Five Storied Pagoda at Toshogu shrine. Fusion of Buddhism and Shintoism!

photo and text by Ms Emiko Murayama

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Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower in autum in Japan.

Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower in autumn in Japan. You can see the folowers’ show everywhere.

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Omizuya in Nikko

nikko murayama v-2 30-2-19

Drops of water turned into icicles at Toshogu shrine.

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Cherry Blossoms at night in Kyoto

kyoto cherry v-3 29-4-11

 Cherry tree illustration events are being held here and there in Kyoto! People get together, sharing precious time.

  Why don’t you join us?


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Pampas grass at Sengokubara, Hakone




This is the photo of pampas grass in the middle of October.


They say:

From the middle to the end of March, this area is burned to avoid unsorted young trees.

In August green pampas grass grows.

In September the contrast between green pampas and golden-colored ears is beautiful.

In November pampas grass looks like a golden carpet and shines reflecting sun shine.

The field attracts a lot of people now.


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Renewed Dankazura Avenue in Kamakura


段蔓 採用 縮小版 28-5-15 006Famous Dankazura Avenew has been under reconstruction for about 4 months and was reopened last March. All cherry trees that were damaged by salt from the sea were replanted and the road was newly paved. It is refreshing and beautiful.

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Fox in Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto

Fox v-3 in Fushimi Inari H27 Sept end

Jumping fox with a bamboo branch! You will find this kind of interesting fox statues in the precincts of Fushimi Inari shrine, which has been awarded 1st prize by trip advisor in the category “2015 Japanese site popular with foreign tourists” for the second year in a row.

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Mt.Fuji in May

Mt.Fuji for topic v3 27-5-19This is the Grass Cherry Blossoms & Mt. Fuji near Motosu-Lake, one of five lakes of Mt.Fuji on May 14th.  Now Grass Cherry Blossoms Festival is held there.  May 14th was the perfect day to enjoy viewing them after the typhoon No.6 had passed.  Local people told us that usually in spring or early summer it was rare to view such a beautiful and clear-cut Mt.fuji.  We were so lucky and really enjoyed the combination of Mt. Fuji & beautiful cute flowers.


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Hakone Owaku Valley

forbid owakudani 27-5-7Although the area is very limited , entry to a part of the Owaku Valley in Hakone has been  forbidden as volcanic fumes are increasing and volcanic earthquakes are felt.

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Cherry Blossom

Kyoto post v-1 27-4-8

Although the season of the typical cherry blossoms called Someiyoshino is ending, weeping ones are still in full bloom in Kyoto. We will guide you to great spots for viewing them !

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Yabusame(Horseback Archery)

yabusame 27-2-20Yabusame is held on April 19th in Hachimangu shrine in Kamakura.

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Ume Flower in Kamakura

Ume 27-2-18Ume flowers  or Japanese apricot have started to bloom in many temples and shrines in Kamakura . It will last for a few weeks from now on. Ume used to be a number one flower in ancient Japan but  it was replaced by Sakura or cherry blossom in 9th century.

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