Cherry Blossoms & a big pond in Hachimangu shrine

A big pond at Hachimangu shrine is surrounded by cherry trees in full bloom from the end of March to early April.


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Nikko five storied pagoda & torii stone gate

Torii Gate and Five Storied Pagoda at Toshogu shrine. Fusion of Buddhism and Shintoism!

photo and text by Ms Emiko Murayama

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Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower in autum in Japan.

Chrysanthemum is the most popular flower in autumn in Japan. You can see the folowers’ show everywhere.

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Renewed Dankazura Avenue in Kamakura


段蔓 採用 縮小版 28-5-15 006Famous Dankazura Avenew has been under reconstruction for about 4 months and was reopened last March. All cherry trees that were damaged by salt from the sea were replanted and the road was newly paved. It is refreshing and beautiful.

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Hakone Owaku Valley

forbid owakudani 27-5-7Although the area is very limited , entry to a part of the Owaku Valley in Hakone has been  forbidden as volcanic fumes are increasing and volcanic earthquakes are felt.

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Ume Flower in Kamakura

Ume 27-2-18Ume flowers  or Japanese apricot have started to bloom in many temples and shrines in Kamakura . It will last for a few weeks from now on. Ume used to be a number one flower in ancient Japan but  it was replaced by Sakura or cherry blossom in 9th century.

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