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My name is Emiko.

I’ve been a qualified tour guide since 2013, specializing in the beautiful town of Nikko and the surrounding Nikko National Park.

I am passionate about showcasing the beauty, history and culture that Nikko has to offer and during my tours, I am eager to share my knowledge about some of the fascinating background stories.

At the same time, I can arrange to give you the opportunity of enjoying the tranquility of the verdant forests and the chance to feel invigorated by the scenic environment and the therapeutic sounds of waterfalls and streams.

I also specialize in the art of the traditional Japanese Kimono. To enhance your cultural experience of Japan, I can arrange for you to explore the magnificent buildings and gardens wearing traditional Japanese dress.

In addition, I am a Certified Sake Professional. If you are interested in the Japanese alcoholic beverage Sake, I can take you to the local Sake brewery to enrich your Sake experience.

My tours are conducted in English; however, I also speak conversational Spanish.

A variety of tour options are available. The most popular tour includes visits to places that are hidden and off the beaten track, as well as World Heritage “shrines and temples”.

My tours are designed to be as flexible as possible and customized to your particular interests so as to provide you with a rich and fulfilling experience, packed with everlasting memories.

I hope the content within the “Nikko tour” will inspire you to plan your future travel in 2024-25.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you and presenting the breathtakingly beautiful nature of Nikko to you.

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