Black egg at Owakudani Valley in Hakone



A legend says that eating one black egg there makes you live 7 years longer than expected!



Everybody loves to eat the boiled eggs there. Once 5 eggs, but now 4 eggs in a bag cost you 500 Yen, due to the recent price rise in egg?

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Mt.Fuji and Hakone
















A view of Mt. Fuji with Lake Ashi in the middle of Feb. In winter we might be able to appreciate Mt. Fiji more clearly than in other seasons.

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Pampas grass at Sengokubara, Hakone




This is the photo of pampas grass in the middle of October.


They say:

From the middle to the end of March, this area is burned to avoid unsorted young trees.

In August green pampas grass grows.

In September the contrast between green pampas and golden-colored ears is beautiful.

In November pampas grass looks like a golden carpet and shines reflecting sun shine.

The field attracts a lot of people now.


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Mt.Fuji in May

Mt.Fuji for topic v3 27-5-19This is the Grass Cherry Blossoms & Mt. Fuji near Motosu-Lake, one of five lakes of Mt.Fuji on May 14th.  Now Grass Cherry Blossoms Festival is held there.  May 14th was the perfect day to enjoy viewing them after the typhoon No.6 had passed.  Local people told us that usually in spring or early summer it was rare to view such a beautiful and clear-cut Mt.fuji.  We were so lucky and really enjoyed the combination of Mt. Fuji & beautiful cute flowers.


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