Southern Kyoto

flag Fushimi Inari Shrine


This is a grand shrine complex for good business.

The stunning myriad of vermillion gates will welcome you.


Admission :free


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flag Fushimi Sake Breweries

fushimisake newKyoto’s Fushimi area produces some of the finest sake, or rice wine, because of its good underground water. We will visit some sake breweries and taste some kinds of freshly made sake and learn a traditional way of making sake.




Admission :300Yen (With a complimentary gift of sake)


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flag Tofukiji-temple

Tofukuji new small

Built in the 13th century, this temple has several oldest Zen style buildings in its precincts. The garden was designed by noted Japanese garden designer Mirei Shigemori in1939. The garden is regarded as a fine example of contemporary Zen garden.


Admission :400Yen


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