Funatsu Tainai Lava Tree Mold

Mt.Fuji Power v-2 29-8-14It is one of the largest Lava Tree Molds of over hundred trees by the Lava Flow, formed in the Heian era (794-1185). Designated as the natural monument in 1929 and as one of the component assets of World Heritage Fuji-san in 2013,


Locating near the starting point of Subaru Line to the 5th station of the Mt. Fuji and in the back of the Mutsumuro Sengen Shrine, Funatsu Tainai shows us the precious geological natural creature. In the Edo period (1600-1868), a lot of Fuji climbers visited here.


There are 20 meters and 15 meters long tree molds called mother’s prenatal and father’s prenatal and others, totally 70 meters long made by the many trees lie on top of one another.

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