Kawaguchi Natural Life Hall

FUJI-Mt.natural life park2015.7 023 (2)Kawaguchi Natural Life Hall is located at the northern shore of the Lake Kawaguchi and has a great view of the Mt. Fuji. A wide variety of commodities of blues berries-related goods are displayed.Homemade blueberry jam and blue berry soft ice cream are especially popular. These are sweet and yummy! In this hall, a class for jam making is organized, so you can try making several kinds of jam. In the season, you will enjoy picking blueberries at the local farm by yourself. Have a great time amid the nature, surrounded by the sweet aroma of blueberries!


9:00am~6:00pm / from November to March 9:00am~5:30pm

Closed on Friday (except Holiday) & end of the year through New year holidays

Entrance Fee: Free






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