Sightseeing boat “Ensolleille” at Kawaguchi Lake

FUJI-Mt.kawaguti yuran boat v-1 2015.7It is a gorgeous 20 minutes’ cruising on the Lake Kawaguchiko. The view of the Mt.Fuji and the scenery of the town from the pleasure boat on the water are wonderful. Ensolleille is a French word, means “sunny”, imaging the resort place in the southern France.















The boat runs every 30 minutes.

Summer(late July through end of August):9:00am〜5:30pm

Winter(mid-November thorough mid-Mach):9:00am〜4:00pm

Other seasons:9:00am~4:30pm

No closing days

Fee: Adult 1,000yen,Children 500yen(Children 6-12 Half price )

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