Koishikawa Kourakuen(Koraku Garden)

a-KorakuenThis garden is located only 20 minutes from Tokyo station using subway or JR train.  In the early Edo Period, in 1629, the founder of the Mito Tokugawa family,  maintained a separate Edo residence with a garden. This garden features a central pond and hills, making it perfect for a stroll. When the founder set about constructing the garden, he incorporated some concepts of the Chinese Confucian scholar Shushunsui, including a garden reproduction of Seiko Lake (China), a “Full Moon Bridge” and other features with cultural origins in China.
The name of the garden, “Korakuen,” came from a Chinese text that there is “a need for those in power to worry about maintaining power first and then enjoy power later.” Thus, the name Korakuen, meaning “the garden for enjoying power later on,” was chosen.
Hours: 9am to 5pm

Closed: Dec 29 to Jan 1

Admission: 300 yen


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