Western Shinjuku
a-Shinjuku sky scrapers for webIn Tokyo, there is one main commercial and administrative center and three sub-centers. The main center is located in the Otemachi-Marunouchi district close to Tokyo station. One of the three sub-centers is located in the western part of Shinjuku, the center of which surrounds Shinjuku station. This sub-center, which has been developed since 1970, houses a row of high-rise buildings such as Tokyo City Hall, several prestigious hotels and office buildings. There are roughly twenty skyscrapers standing 100 to 200 meters high, some of which have observations decks that provide a panoramic view of Tokyo. This area of Shinjuku used to be a filtration plant but it was relocated so that the sub-center could be developed.




Shinjuku Shopping Area

a-shinjuku shopping areaYou can find excellent shopping and nightlife in Shinjuku on the eastern side of Shinjuku station. Unlike the western side which is characterized by office buildings and hotels, this side of Shinjuku is filled with all kinds of small stores selling goods such as clothes, shoes, books and so on, in addition to famous department stores like Isetan. You can also find a mini-Akihabara district where various electronic goods are sold. There is a wide variety of cultural restaurants to enjoy, both pricey and cheap.








Entertainment Area

a-kabukichoShinjuku’s entertainment district is called Kabukicho and is home to Japan’s largest and wildest red light district. Located next to the Shinjuku Shopping Area, there are hundreds of bars, restaurants, strip clubs, hostess bars, specialty cafés, and pachinko parlors. You can also find many movie theaters.


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