Tokyo Sky Tree

a-Sky treeThe Tokyo Sky Tree is a broadcasting, restaurant and observation tower  in Sumida Ward, which is located in the northeastern part of central Tokyo.  It was completed in early 2012 and became open to the public in May, 2012.  The project has been led by Tobu Railway and a group of six broadcasting companies (headed by NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster corporation).  It is 634 meters high, the tallest broadcast tower in the world.  The main purpose of the tower is to give complete digital terrestrial television broadcasting coverage to the Tokyo metropolitan area.  Tokyo’s current broadcasting tower, Tokyo Tower is no longer tall enough because it is surrounded by too many high-rise buildings.  The Sky Tree’s design was developed to represent the essence of advanced structural design technology and ensure the highest grade of structural safety. You would be well advised to visit the tower early in the morning during week days, for example, between 8am and 9am although you might have to make a line to get your ticket for 10 to 30 minutes. If you would like to visit it on week ends, you might have to wait for at least one hour to get your ticket.


Open : 8am to 10pm  , everyday of the year except for days of a stormy wind


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