Yanaka(Down Town )

Yanaka literally means “ in the valley” between two hills, Hongo and Ueno and is rather a small area to enjoy Shitamachi, old town of Tokyo, walking casually. The area keeps the atmosphere of old days of Edo or Tokyo with least sufferings from the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 or the Air Raids during World WarⅡ.You can find a lot of old shops for merchants or artisans with living space at their back, called “Machiya” architecture, and enjoy shopping there small Edo articles such as Japanese wooden clogs, origami paper, hair accessories, etc. or Edo gourmet food such as noodles, tsukudani(food boiled down in soy sauce), rice crackers, etc..  Also there are a lot of temples and a large cemetery called Yanaka Cemetery.  Most temples were moved from central Edo town after the Great Meireki Fire in 1657.  Many famous people of culture, for example novelists, scientists, artists who had a great impact on Japanese society lie buried in the cemetery.

Please relish the quaint atmosphere and people’s warm heart of Yanaka !



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