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        Thank -you Note for Jiro          Tokyo  Tour           


Dear Jiro san, We would like to thank you very much for a completely satisfying day with you, as you accompanied us around your home area of Tokyo and Yokohama. As we had wished, you got us close to urban life in Japan, and provided us with more confidence to navigate our way around Japanese geography and life.

After our baseball game on Sunday afternoon (great fun!) we took the subway to Shinjuku-  chome station and went to the Isetan department store’s food basement. It’s big and beautiful. We bought delicious Japanese food there for dinner back in our hotel.


For our wonderful day with you we can happily say, “Mission accomplished!”

Continue enjoying your well-earned retirement, and stay healthy and happy!

All the best from your Bergen County neighbors,


Jane and Ken Shaftsbury, Vermont, U.S.A.




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